Battle of the Drain Cleaning Methods: Hydrojetting vs. Regular Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning

Drain SinkEver had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and your pipes add to the dilemma? Maybe you missed a bill payment, spilled coffee on your favorite shirt, and to top it off, you’re standing ankle-deep in stagnant water during what was supposed to be a refreshing shower. Or perhaps you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen, only for your sink to regurgitate last week’s dinner scraps right when you’re ready to clean up. Sucks to be in this situation!

Let’s be real, nobody’s got time for this. Life’s already serving you up a whole buffet of challenges and blocked drains shouldn’t be on the menu. But hey, every plumbing problem’s got a solution, and your drainage drama is no exception. The thing is, you’ve got choices for plumbing services. It’s like being a contestant on a game show. Door number one? Regular drain cleaning. Door number two? Hydrojetting.

Now you’re left scratching your head, wondering which door is the right one. Should you summon the high-pressure prowess of hydro jetting? Or stick with the tried-and-true methods of regular drain cleaning for clogged drains? It’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Well, stick around, because we’re about to unveil the mystery behind each door and know which cleans pipes better and faster while also preventing future clogs.

Know When To Hydrojet Your Drains and Sewers

  1. When You Need More Than a Bandaid Solution – You’ve plunged, snaked, and cleared your drain until you’re blue in the face. Despite your best efforts, those pesky pipes keep clogging faster than you can say “drain cleaner.” That’s when you need something like a hydro jetting service to blast through stubborn blockages like tree roots that the good ol’ plumbing snake just can’t seem to charm.
  2. Dealing with a Recurring Clog – Got a recurring clog that’s more persistent than your phone’s reminder to update your apps? Sure, the drain could work after a while but then it backs up again just when you’ve started to believe everything was alright. Nobody likes a recurring slow drain! Well, the high pressured water jets of hydrojetting might just be the secret to breaking up with your clingy clog for good.
  3. Routine Maintenance For Your Pipes – If you’re all about having a regular wellness routine, taking care of your mind and body, why should your pipes be any different? Hydrojetting is like a detox cleanse for your drainage system. It scrubs away accumulated grime and debris, reducing the chances of future clogs. It’s like yoga for your pipes, keeping them flexible and flowy.
  4. Too Much Grease: The Uninvited Guest – If you’re a fan of bacon, fries, or basically anything deliciously greasy, your drains and pipe walls might not share your love. Grease can cling to your pipes like that awkward conversation at a party you just can’t get away from. Regular drain cleaning might struggle to break up this party, but hydrojetting? It’s like the bouncer for your plumbing system and sewer lines, flushing out the greasy gatecrashers.

The Ultimate Solution for Your Drainage Dilemmas: Trust Hydrojetting with Remedy Plumbing

So, the situation is clear: when regular drain cleaning falls short, hydrojetting steps in as a heavy-duty yet pipe-friendly solution. Whether your pipes need a deep clean, a break from recurring clogs, or a grease eviction notice, hydrojetting could be the answer to your drainage dilemmas. And let’s be honest, with the chaos of adulting, the last thing you need is a drain disaster, right? Remember, happy pipes equal a happy home life. 

Call on Remedy Plumbing and count on our team of professional plumbers to clear away your pipe problems with our sewer camera inspection and hydrojetting solutions. Trust us, it’ll be so satisfying to break up all of that debris stuck in your pipes!